Hire Skips When Refurbishing

Home improvement projects such as renovations, gardening and spring cleaning can produce a lot of waste and unwanted clutter. Small amounts of waste are easy to deal with, but if we're talking about large amounts of rubbish, then hiring a skip to store and dispose of your rubbish is the most practical thing to do. Tipping skips are basically heavy duty open top containers which you can rent to fill up with non- hazardous waste temporarily that you want to throw away. Skips come in various sizes to cater to your needs whether you require the services for commercial or domestic waste. They range from the size of a small car up to about the size of a transit van. Small sized ones are ideal for small cleaning projects at home, while the bigger sized ones are best for house renovation and building work. Tipping skipping offers a convenient alternative to taking numerous trips to the local waste centers and can be delivered and collected as per your demands.

What Happens to the Waste?

Nowadays, waste management is an essential green initiative, and by hiring a skip, you can be sure that your trash will be recycled appropriately. Not all waste can be thrown into skips; hazardous material (such as asbestos), or will cause an offensive smell on a public road while the skip is in use (such as rotting food) will usually not be accepted. Try to make a list of all the different materials you will be throwing away and use this to make sure they are all acceptable when you speak to skip hire companies. What about accepted items? Soil, plaster, sands and those kinds of materials will be prcoess like bulk materials. Metals will be extracted to be melted down and reforged. Plastics recycled and green waste composted. And sadly anything which can't be re-used will simply goto land fill. 

Extra information about bulk handing equipment

Save time and petrol

Without a skip, you would be running back and forth, spending petrol and a lot of your time at your local recycling centre. For small home renovation, then it's vital you note that construction waste is not allowed at recycling centers, concrete, making bricks and rubble almost impossible to get rid of, but you can place it in skips as these companies have resources to eliminate the rubbish in the most effective and environmentally friendly way


When you are cleaning out a new house - or just doing a lot of garden work, there is usually a lot of waste and old items to remove and clear out. Tipping skips can be seen on construction sites, but they are available for business and household waste, allowing you to eliminate more waste without having to run back and forth to your local recycling and waste centre. Ensure you use a licensed company. Waste removal companies should be licensed with the Environmental Agency, enabling them to collect and dispose of household and commercial waste throughout the country.